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English is a funny language because the title of this post actually makes sense,weird I know. Anyway onto the topic before i digress. I am a big fan of two strand twists. Be it chunky twists, mini twists, flat twist or a good old twist out (Which i am yet to perfect) i love them all because this is what i do best and fast on my own hair. So when i want give my hair a break for two weeks or so i do a mini twists.

The thing about mini twists is that they can get a bit boring having them down or in a pony tail so i set out to spruce up my mini twists. This hair style was done after having the mini twists for one and a half weeks.

Photo time to see what i mean.

20150818_133326 20150818_133330

I started out by co-washing the mini twists in large braids to keep the hair from unraveling. Don’t worry  there is one braid at the back. I don’t have much hair as you can see.

20150818_141410 20150818_141420

Next step i applied my shea butter mix to seal in the moisture. Here i use curlformers on damp hair to get some cool curls. Can’t wait to see the results right? The face on the left was earger to see the results later. You can use curlformers, perm rods,  rollers, or large braids ,a twist and curl or bantu knots. Each of these will give you a different curl or coil. Remove the curlformers or styling tools you used when the hair is completly dry.

The Results

20150818_182201 20150818_182451

The left photo is the result without any tampering, photo on the right i (words fail me) unravel to make the curls individual to each curl. I hope that makes sense.


Put on some Perfect 365 makeup and you are done. If you try this out feel free to share with me your results, on facebook or instagram.


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