By now you should have learnt how random I am, so many of my blog post will have that random title.

Let me give you a back story to how we ended up here. See my housemate and I follow Lyra Aoko and we had both seen this photo by her, where she incorporates the bird of paradise flower in her photo shoot. Our neighbour has a farm full of this plant that produces the bird of paradise flower. We are home early on a Sunday evening. We took a knife and went harvesting for the flower. And the rest as they say is history.

So without much further a do. (Aki English what is this you make us write) Here are the photos from that Sunday evening.

Photography by: Patience
Model: Yours Truly
Director of Photography: Yours Truly
(Does this even apply to photo shoots or just film)
Editing: Yours Truly

The Humble majestic Bird of Paradise

Oh so happy

sssh baby bird of paradise

Don’t snooze off yet, we are not done


Find your light

Laugh alot, its like inner jogging.

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