Another blog post, hoping i continue being consistent and give you guys great content. So hang in there. I have always wanted to do a taking stock blog post and here is my very first one. Hoping to do more of these in the months to come.

Making  my bullet journal, trying to organize my life beautifully. I’ll write more about this.

Cooking up a storm

Drinking lots of hot cocoa and fanta passion

Reading a thousand splendid suns by Khaled Hosseini

Wanting a dslr camera and house plants

Playing with different Lipsticks

Deciding what to do with my many notebooks and pens

Wishing to travel more this year

Enjoying the sun, i have to swim one of these fine days

Waiting for lunchtime, not sure what i’m going to eat though

Wondering when i will bomoa (undo) my hair

Loving my lips (inset larry the cucumber song ‘i love my lips’)

Considering coloring my hair purple

Watching local youtubers more

Hoping to accomplish my goals for this year

Needing a manicure, my gel polish is coming off in places making my nails look like they have been attacked by a virus

smelling the aroma of coffee, maybe i should reduce my daily intake.

Wearing more rubber shoes although i’d rather be in slippers

Following beautiful photography on instagram like Mekbib Tadesse

Knowing my worth and not accepting to be treated any less.

Thinking of how this year is going to turn out

Buying nothing it’s Njanuary jameni

Getting another audible book

Disliking matatu trips in this heat. People open the windows pleeeaaassseee!

Opening a new tab, i’m the only one with 20 plus tabs open on my browser.

Giggling at the mini haul video on my youtube video. Those fragrance balls might have an extra intoxicating scent like laughing gas.

Snacking maryland cookies,

Helping a client pick furniture for their house, i think i’m more excited than they are.

Hearing Kubamba radio all day everyday, getting inspired.

Thanks for reading till the end, here is a bonus photo


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