Has it been a minute or what?????

I am ashamed how everything has turned out. This blog started of as a new years resolution, (2014) and i let busy life get in the way of putting up posts. There’s this long list of ideas i have for this blog and topics i want to write about that has just been lying around waiting for me to get back on the saddle and share them with you. So i will unfold them slowly and keep posting consistently so help me God.

So many things have happened since i was last here and i will share those in a different post but today we are talking about hair, my favourite topic 🙂

Crochet braiding is a protective style that is coming back, more and more people are doing it to protect their tresses and give the hair a rest, so i jumped on the band wagon and got me some crochet braids (also known as crochet weave, you’ll see why in a bit) I got my friend Grace to do them for me with marley braids, boy was i excited plus i also needed a hairstyle for a wedding, me being a bridesmaid and all. Lets just say it took a long time to get this done but here’s what i learned in the process. Let the braider do everything from the conrows to installing the braids. It was a lot of fun and in the end the hair looked so amazing.

Now to share the  photos of the crochet braiding process. Enjoy!

 20150521_154508 20150521_170652 20150521_170703

So in the spirit of trying to get the hair done earlier i got my colleague to do the conrows before i left the office. Big mistake. See how fat the lines are at the back, yeah! There would have been a better technique of doing the conrows depending on how you want your hair to fall. Youtube has a lot of videos on this.

20150522_001539 20150522_020444 20150522_020520

The crochet braiding process. Look at that mane of hair, i call it the lion you could stop here if you want.

 20150522_082147 20150522_082113 20150522_094034

Braid the hair and bantu knot the ends, Dip the hair in hot water .

20150522_095020 20150522_095613 20150522_095042 safest place to buy viagra online

Unravel the braids once the hair is dry, shape it to look good.

20150522_100316 20150522_100309 20150522_100314

Now take some crazy selfies rocking that new protective style. And here is my friend who did the hair you can find her here, leave her a message and you could be rocking crochet braids soon.


The wedding look. Big loop earrings go well with the big hair.

Thank you for reading see you in the next post.

8 thoughts on “Trending: Crochet braids

  1. Nice! Its my 1st time to do crochet braids and am loving the way my scalp is so ‘relaxed’ lol.
    I like your post as I haven’t seen many people talk about protective braiding so much here in Kenya(i could be wrong!) ?

    I think i will keep it crochet forever! ?

    #TeamCrochet wooop!

  2. I’ve done crotchet braids numerous times before &it’s amazeballs.However, I’d love a way to tame them from tangling.Any ideas?

    1. Personally i think its best if you curl the braids before installing them on the hair, That way you have individual curls. I also had a tough time trying to detangle them

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