Hello Ladies and Gents, remember that new year resolution to write more here. (Lets all laugh together) Bora uhai. Well i am alive and well, nashukuru Mungu! Last time I did a taking stock was in January so here is my second one. Enjoy!

Making  breakfast at work because i skipped breakfast at home. Having smokie, bread and tea

Cooking same breakfast see above

Drinking same tea for breakfast

Reading the Colour purple by Alice Walker

Wanting a mirrorless camera and cute desk for working at home

Playing a game on my phone called Rise, which is just difficult. The aim of the game is to protect a baloon that is rising through the air, from objects that are falling through the sky.

Deciding where to travel for christmas, if my bank account allows it.

Wishing this tea had masala and fresh ginger

Enjoying the sun, it has been the coldest 5 months since the rains started in March

Waiting honey that my cousin promised to bring me from Narok

Wondering what i really enjoy doing that can make me more money, so I can travel

Loving the feature image on this post, who dis?

Considering taking motorbike lessons from my boda guy

Watching tutorials on Skillshare since after a two month free subscription i forgot to unsubscribe and now i am subscribed for a year. Here’s my link for you to try it out here . There’s a lot you can learn there.

Hoping to accomplish more of my goals like consistently writing on here

Needing to wax my underarms now that we are back to sleeveless tops weather

smelling my new perfume that my awesome collegue bought for me

Wearing shoes i randomly bought from Bata during the rainy season. I was tired of rubber shoes for a second there.

Following sorelle Amore on instagram, taking selfies to the next level

Thinking where faux fur comes from, someone said it comes from teddy bears, save our teddy bears guys

Buying things i don’t quite need but want from miniso

Opening my eyes to new opportunities

Giggling at Njugush and Mama Kavinye’s videos

Snacking nothing, still finishing my breakfast jameni

Hearing Jesus and Jollof podcast and loving it.

Thanks for reading see you on the next post. Here’s an

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