Happy New Year!!! Fireworks and people everywhere. The day was 1st January 2018, venue, the Two Rivers mall. We were there for the fireworks display with my brother and his wife. There in the moment as the fireworks bursts into the dark night sky, lighting it up like it was dawn, I decided I’ll make a change in my life and purposefully achieve my new year resolutions.

Well as we all know how this story goes. First of all I didn’t even write most of my goals down, so I easily forgot about them. But I am happy, excited and honored to report that I in the very least achieved one of my 2018 goals and even surpassed it. Said goal was to read 12 books in 2018. How many books have I read so far? Thank you for asking.

…….drum rolls please…….

As of today 20th December 2018 I have read 46 books and counting. That’s right. Sema going above and beyond!

The joy and feeling of accomplishment of achieving that one goal makes me want to work harder at achieving my 2019 goals. Which you should have already set by now. This is the best time to reflect on 2018 and plan your 2019 goals.

Dream big and fall in love with achieving the life you have always dreamed of. Live your dream!

Here are the ways I have been able to achieve my book reading goal

  1. I have a one hour commute to work so I always pull out a book on my morning and evening commute. So always carry a book with you for those idle moments instead of scrolling through the socials. But don’t be anti- social
  2. SCRIBD. I got this app on my phone with a 2 month free subscription and was able to read lots of books with that subscription. And here is a link for you to start with your 2 month free subscription. Enjoy!
  3. With the amount of books  I was consuming i decided to get a Kindle. These things are super affordable. I got a Kindle fire 7 which was like Ksh. 5000 plus shipping it can get to Ksh. 6500. With the kindle I could carry many books at once.
  4. I bought books, I’m also trying to build a library. I bought books from the street for 100 bob, bought from Text Book Centre (Which by the way is cheaper than other bookstores) and Kindle books are even cheaper than physical books.
  5. Audio Books. These I got on Audible as well as on Scribd. The best audio books are memoirs read by the author, it’s like someone telling you their life story. With these I was able to read & listen to different books at the same time.
  6. To keep track of the books I’ve read I used the app Goodread, you can follow me (Dorcas Mutheu) there see what books I read and my ratings of the same.

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